Whisky Sensorium

The Brandhouse Whisky Sensorium was introduced at the 2013 FNB Whisky Live Festivals held in Sandton and Soweto, affording over 5,000 whisky enthusiasts an unparalleled sensory journey through fine whisky.

The conceptually unique stand was the festival’s definitive success. Featuring four “worlds” of flavour: ‘Fresh’, ‘Rich’, ‘Vibrant’ and ‘Bold’, the Whisky Sensorium created a novel tasting experience of Brandhouse’s distinguished portfolio of whiskies.

J&B Jet was found to be the most popular whisky in the ‘Fresh’ world, while ‘Rich’ saw a great interest in the exclusive Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Visitors to the ‘Vibrant’ world favoured Talisker and Lagavulin was the whisky of choice in the ‘Bold’ flavour world.

Guests to the Brandhouse Whisky Sensorium were guided through tastings by Whisky Presenters, who amplified this multi-sensory experience by imparting expert knowledge to guests about the various whiskies’ histories and flavour notes.  

“The Sensorium’s visitors appreciated the attention to detail and wealth of sensory engagement within the tasting journey. The Brandhouse Whisky Sensorium provided an unmatched experience by activating all five senses and immersing guests into each flavour world,” said Triya Govender, Johnnie Walker Brand Manager.

Novel tasting techniques were used by presenters, such as a “blind tasting” of White Horse and Lagavulin in the ‘Bold’ world. Guests were pleasantly surprised by the quality of White Horse upon its reveal, especially when compared to the single malt, Lagavulin. Techniques such as this gave guests a deeper appreciation of the liquid being tasted as the brand become a secondary factor.

By utilising textural elements, soundscapes, visuals and scent-generators to parallel the dominant flavours in each flavour world, the Brandhouse Whisky Sensorium was a unique tasting experience, which proved to be immensely popular with experienced and novice tasters alike.