Windhoek Beer

Stays true to its principles

Just as good men of substance stick to their principles, so too has Windhoek. By staying true to its founding principles for nearly a century, Windhoek has consistently produced a beer that contains nothing but the purest ingredients.

Giving Windhoek beer its distinctive, bitter flavour and aroma, the finest European Malted Barley, Bavarian Hallertauer Hops, combines with pure water, to create a smooth and pure drinking experience. This is all that is needed to brew beer the way it was meant to be brewed – without additives, preservatives or shortcuts, in the proud Reinheitsgebot brewing tradition.

“Not all beers have the courage and tenacity to keep saying no, but for almost a hundred years, Windhoek has done just that. By sticking to our principles, by saying no when it counts, we believe we have continued to produce a beer made of the right stuff that people with high standards can say yes to,” says Windhoek marketing manager Alan Roberts, from Brandhouse Beverages.

Windhoek was first brewed in Namibia in 1920, by two Germans, Hermann Ohlthaver and Carl List. These two brave men quit their jobs in banking and scraped together their life savings to follow their passion, to brew beer that was uncompromisingly pure and world class. So committed were they to this standard that during the Second World War, when the right ingredients were impossible to source, they halted production, instead of compromising their brew with inferior substitutes.

Windhoek has launched a new television commercial to take beer drinkers along on its journey of no compromise – a journey that has over a century allowed pure beer lovers to say yes to the ‘right stuff,’ three pure ingredients and nothing else.

Directed by Jonathan Parkinson from Fresh Eye Films, the full-length advert can be viewed on YouTube or on the Pure Beer Society website.