Protect your business against crime

“By failing you prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Unfortunately, crime is an everyday reality in South Africa. While it isn’t pleasant or even necessary to dwell on this reality, it is certainly important to be prepared for it.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “By failing you prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

While there are many effective strategies that can be employed in order to protect your business against crime, armed response security is an increasingly popular option as many business owners shift their faith in the police to a private solution.

However, with this shift comes an often sizable cost implication, as well as the difficulty of selecting an appropriate company. Due to increasing demand for armed response security, there are a wealth of companies to choose from, each offering a range of options and prices.

Remember: in selecting an armed response security solution, it is important to check whether the company is registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority). PSIRA is a statutory regulatory body that sets the industry standards for the registration and training of staff.

For small businesses, the cost implication may seem too burdensome to bear. However, small businesses with limited resources are especially vulnerable to crime and the results can be devastating.

Benefits of using armed response security

  • Armed response security provides small business owners with peace of mind while ensuring staff and customer safety, as well as the security of the business.
  • Armed response security provides visible security for your business, which is a well-known crime prevention tactic.
  • ●     Furthermore, armed response security can include CCTV and video surveillance, which serves two roles: it can act as a deterrent and it helps in the prosecution of criminals should a crime occur.  
  • Selected armed response security companies provide free risk assessment for your premises and early warning fire solutions.

While it is important to take the initiative in protecting your business from crime, it is also important to work together with your local community to create an environment of safety and security. Share safety tips and information and report suspicious activity and be a part of the solution!