GLF stands against xenophobia, criminality and substance abuse together!

GLF Quarterly Column

Xenophobia in the form of fear of other African blacks and criminal elements caused extreme disorder in South Africa recently. There is fear and uncertainty for migrants in South Africa now. In cities like Johannesburg and Durban, many of the attacks were directed at foreign-owned businesses. These businesses were wrecked and plundered. Although few locally owned businesses were affected, immigrants from neighbouring countries were mostly affected.

There were xenophobic attacks against the Somalian community in our townships. They suffered death, injury, looting and evictions. The Somalian government requested that the South African government protect and guarantee the safety of Somalian citizens and their property.

Foreign nationals are accused of taking jobs and business away from South Africans. It is also evident that unemployment, poverty and inequality add to these xenophobic outlashings.


Current events in the liquor industry

Heineken recently conducted a workshop in collaboration with the liquor board and Isizihdasempilo about foetal alcohol syndrome. This workshop took place at Dlamini Hall in Soweto. The GLF commends Heineken for this initiative and for educating us further on this topic.

Dr Oliver made a presentation about her organisation, the Foundation for Alcohol Related Research (FARR) which was established in 1997 and registered as a non-profit company.

Their mission is to establish awareness, prevention, intervention and training programmes designed to eliminate substance abuse with the focus on the foetal alcohol spectrum of disorders as a preventable disorder among the children in South Africa.

The workshop was attended by liquor outlet operators and tavern owners in and around Witwatersrand. We certainly learnt a lot and will continue to remain compliant and not serve alcohol to pregnant women. Keep it up, Heineken!

Musa Ntshangase, GLF Secretary